About The Greenly Guide


The Greenly Guide is a comprehensive clean living resource where you can find healthier alternatives in the categories of green beauty and skincare, healthier home and personal care products and sustainable eco fashion. We do the research for you, so you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you.

Created in 2016, The Greenly Guide is a resource for people to find natural products that are not full of chemicals and junk. Why?

What we put on and into our bodies matters...

The products we use in our households matter...

How we treat the environment matters....

The long list of ingredients on the back of the products you use are no longer to be ignored, but to be heavily considered and researched.

It sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? It is. It takes time to read ingredient lists and to be discerning about what you purchase. Back when we started in 2016, there were resources but not many. So we set out to find the best brands that actually use good ingredients and started sharing them here.

The truth is that a search for organic beauty or non-toxic health items yield a lot of results for brands who have made it appear that they are using natural ingredients, but in fact are far from it.

Over time and a lot of reading we have learned what ingredients to avoid and what makes a product actually organic or natural. Just because a brand calls a product organic doesn't mean that it's actually organic.

Whether you are looking to clean out all of your drawers and start fresh, or are just looking to make a few healthy swaps, we support you and want to help!

Contact us with any questions you have!  Enjoy the website and share it with your friends! We hope to help you on your journey to living GREENLY!

Thank you for stopping by!