Brand Profile and Interview with Kristi Blustein of KHUS+KHUS

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Founder of KHUS+KHUS, Kristi Blustein, isn’t your average herbalist. As an Ayurvedic Specialist and Educator, her formulas are backed by extensive research and experience, and are designed for healing and creating balance within the body through her thoughtful and intentionally designed products.  With a sleek and modern aesthetic and stunning miron violet glass packaging, you … Read more

Exploring Etsy: The Library Apothecary

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A feeling of wonder and mystery always come over me upon entering a library.  There is something magical about all of the knowledge to be gained and all of the stories to uncover.  I love the feeling of excitement when you find that piece of information you were searching for, or when you find a novel … Read more

Exploring Etsy: NaturalAnnie Essentials

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Meet Annie of NaturalAnnie Essentials – With the vibrant island flair in her beautiful branding and a deep rooted love and knowledge for herbs and essential oils, Annie’s company is the result of a passion for formulating natural products that work. After the birth of her daughter, who was born with several medical issues, Annie … Read more