Brand Profile and Interview with Manon von Csiky-Sessoms of Back to Basics Skincare

When looking for a facial oil, requirements such as cruelty free, uses organic ingredients, and made in small batches all may be boxes you are trying to check off on your personal list.  Once you have found a product that fits your needs and specifications, you may see that the price tag is upwards of $70-$100!  This price point may not be in everyone’s budget, so what’s a green beauty lover with high ingredient standards to do?  Enter Back to Basics Skincare – an affordable, high performing line of facial oils suitable for all skin types and all UNDER $50!

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The Back to Basics Skincare line is fully customizable to your needs.  It was formulated to work within your current routine, and can be added to your face cream or you can mix and match with other Back to Basics Skincare oils to get a unique routine that works for you.  Their oils are cold-pressed, made in small batches and contain several organic ingredients.

I had the pleasure of speaking with founder and formulator of Back to Basics Skincare, Manon von Csiky-Sessoms about each of the oils in the line, and we also spoke more in depth about her background and products.  I hope you will enjoy learning more about this affordable high quality line in the full post below!

Back to Basics Skincare Lineup

High performance, natural skincare, 100% plant based, cruelty free, unisex, customizable

Rose Hip Radiance OilBack to Basics Skincare Rosehip Radiance Facial Oil

About this oil: This powerful brightening oil is formulated with natural ingredients ranging from rose hip seed oil to kiwi seed oil to improve skins texture, fade dark marks and reveals brighter, glowing more youthful skin.

Skin Benefits: Brightening, hydrating, plumping, soothing, softening, pore minimizing, acne fighting, fades dark marks, anti-aging

Formulated with 8 of the worlds most active natural ingredients: Organic Rose hip oil, Organic Grape seed oil, Seabuckthorn berry oil, Organic Camellia oil, Organic, Chia seed oil & Jojoba oil.

Macadamia Nut Hydrating OilBack to Basics Skincare Macadamia Nut Hydrating Oil

About this oil: Lightweight, non-greasy, all natural oil formulated with macadamia nut oil, argan oil and antioxidants to hydrate, preserve, and heal your skin.

Skin Benefits: Hydrating, plumping, soothing, softening, acne fighting

Formulated with 7 of the worlds most active natural ingredients: Organic Argan oil, Organic Watermelon seed oil, Vitamin e oil, Organic Macadamia nut oil, Organic Camellia oil, Cranberry seed oil & Jojoba oil.


Back to Basics Skincare Avocado Repairing Oil

Avocado Repairing Oil

About this oil: A game changing blend of natural oils, that helps hydrate, heal, and soothe problem skin. This Back to Basics all natural oil is perfect for skin that needs a serious pick me up. It helps with issues ranging from severely dry skin, dry patches, sunburn, eczema and everything in between!

Skin Benefits: Extremely hydrating, plumping, soothing, repairing, softening, pore minimizing, balancing, healing, anti-aging

Formulated with 10 of the worlds most active natural ingredients: Avocado oil, Apricot kernel oil, Cranberry seed oil, Kukui nut oil, Tomato seed oil, Organic, Calendula extract, Organic Carrot seed oil, Jojoba oil, Pomegranate seed oil & Organic Camellia oil

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The Greenly Guide: Can you start by sharing a little about your background and any formal education related to skincare you hold and why you chose to start Back to Basics Skincare?

Manon: I went to the University of Rhode Island and studied textiles. 

I started Back to Basics because I was having a really rough time with my skin and my dad recommended that I try using vitamine E oil to heal some scarring I was getting. It worked wonders and really helped clear up some of my acne. I decided that I wanted to create a line of natural products that started with facial oils for people to use that targeted specific skincare issues.

From there I set out to formulate something I felt was missing in the market place. Natural skincare that is more affordable but still felt luxurious and that was easily incorporated in anyone’s routine!

The Greenly Guide: Why natural and organic oils? How did you first become interested in this area of skincare?

Manon: I chose natural and organic oils because it was what worked so well to help clear up and help my own skin. I have noticed such a difference in my skin, even during more hormonal times of the month!

Chemicals just seem to mask and hide the issues and I wanted something that worked from the inside out to really eliminate any issue but also heal any current issues/scars.

Back to Basics Skincare Packaging

The Greenly Guide: For someone just starting to research natural skincare, they may be surprised at the higher costs for natural products.  You include many high quality organic oils in your formulas–can you talk a little about your ingredient sourcing and how you are able to keep your products at a more affordable price point?

Manon: I source all of my oils through one company that is leaping bunny approved, organic and natural. To keep the oils at a more affordable price point I went for more “no frills” packaging. I didn’t was to sacrifice quality of ingredients so I was able to find a way to get great packaging that still let me price the products at a reasonable price point.

The Greenly Guide: If someone is unfamiliar with using oils on their skin, they may be skeptical to learn that your oils are suited for ALL skin types – even oily.  Can you explain why your oils work well for any skin type?

Manon: Oils are really great for all skin types! I know it is hard to believe, especially for those with oily skin types. They actually balance you skin out and help you produce less oils. You just have to find the right formula for you! There are so many out there. Go for a more light weight formula, like our rose hip radiance or avocado repairing oil. There are also formulas out there that have acne fighting properties to them. Each one of the Back to Basics oils we have formulated has ingredients that help fight/address acne.

Back to Basics Skincare Facial Oil Collection

The Greenly Guide: What are your personal favorite oils and why?

Manon: My personal favorite oils are Back to Basics, I formulated products I really loved and worked for me. Each one I’ve used for different reasons and have helped my skin in different ways. Rose hip for kind of my every day oil that helps brighten my dark marks and to give me glowing skin. Avocado for days where I need some more TLC and have an eczema flare up or my skin is really dehydrated. Macadamia Nut for when I really need a boost. I can mix and match them with each other and my other products which makes them so easy to use.

The Greenly Guide: Oils can be a very versatile product with many uses – can you share any different or interesting ways to use any of your oils?

Manon: I really wanted to formulate oils that could be customized and used by everyone easily. Products that play well with other products and are easily incorporated in your routine are important. Back to Basics oils can be mixed with each other to really get a customized product but also mix well with all products. I like to mix my rose hip radiance oil with my foundation when i want a dewy and more natural finish. Also I like mixing them with face creams and serums i have in my bathroom to give them a boost.

Back to Basics Skincare Facial Oil Collection with flowers

The Greenly Guide: In the world of green beauty, oils are very popular, and many lines include at least one.  What sets Back to Basics Skincare apart from other brands?

Manon: Back to Basics oils are affordable, plant based oils, leaping bunny approved and feel like a luxury product. They are also made for all genders and can be easily incorporated in your routine. We are setting out to make natural & cruelty free skincare more accessible to all ages, genders and skin types.

The Greenly Guide: What does the future hold for Back to Basics Skincare?  Do you have any plans to expand your product offerings outside of oils?

Manon: We are working on expanding the line and going into other products outside of facial oils. I am currently working on some new formulas and products which is very exciting!

*All photos in this post are courtesy of and belong to Back to Basics Skincare.

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