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All it takes is a quick google search, or a stroll through the aisles of your local toy store and you will surely find a large selection of children’s play makeup kits.  Those makeup kits are cute and most likely appeal to your child with their favorite TV character on the front of the box, but what is inside these products is anything but appealing.  The majority of these items, which are marketed toward young girls, are filled with unsafe ingredients – parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes to name a few. With so many unsafe options on the market, I am so pleased and excited to introduce you to a safe and organic option, Prim & Pure.

Prim & Pure LogoAs the mother to a daughter who loves playing dress up, and is always begging to play with my makeup, Prim & Pure was an amazing discovery.  Prim & Pure is focused on providing earth-friendly and sustainable products that are safe for your aspiring princesses.  Their products contain a variety of certified organic and plant-based ingredients, and are always cruelty free, paraben free, phthalate free, non-GMO, free of synthetic FD&C dyes and fragrances, gluten free and made in the USA.

While their products are intended to be fun and playful, they are also packed full of beneficial ingredients such as natural plant oils and extracts, and soothing flower essences that are safe for the sensitive skin of our precious little ones.  Their range currently includes lip glosses, cream eye shadows, body glitters, perfume rollers, blushes and odor free, peel-off nail polishes.  With an adorably branded line of products that will excite little ones, and have mom’s raiding their daughter’s vanity, you can feel good about allowing your little girls to play and use their imagination with fun and safe makeup.

We had the pleasure of speaking with owner and creator of Prim and Pure, Kelli Jackson.  In our interview, she is sharing her journey in creating her company and what makes it special, and safe for our little ones.  Kelli has also very generously offered a giveaway, where one of you will have the opportunity to win a gift set of your choosing to spoil a sweet little one in your life, so make sure to head over to The Greenly Guide Instagram feed HERE for the details on how to enter!  Read on below for our full interview with Kelli!

The Greenly Guide: Like a lot of moms, I know you mentioned becoming very aware of toxins and chemicals after you had children – what was it that finally inspired you to take action to create Prim and Pure?

Kelli: After dealing with my own endocrine health issues and working with some other natural product companies, I started blogging and working with some groups in my community. Over the past few years, the amount of growth in the industry has been astonishing and I’ve loved watching so many new products and companies come to the market giving consumers more choices. There are so many great green beauty brands now, however; I struggled to find clean products at reasonable price points for parents and children, so that’s when I set the wheels in motion to start my own line.

Prim & Pure Makeup
photo credit: Erica Rourke Photography

The Greenly Guide: Having just launched in November 2016, can you share a little about Prim and Pure as a company and what someone can expect from your products?

Kelli: When I decided to start my own line, I laid out what was most important to me. Those things ended up being safety, affordability and social impact. There are many products I could push to market but the quality or integrity of ingredients aren’t there. There are other products I would love to offer but right now, I can’t source them at affordable enough prices I’d want for my customers. Lastly, I want to make an impact….. that’s why I work as hard as I do. If I wanted to make more money, I’d take my MBA and go back to my corporate 9-5 job….. but now what’s more important to me is my kids and following my passion, and Prim and Pure has been that outlet to help spread awareness and offer safer alternatives.

The Greenly Guide: Do you have a favorite product in the line? What was the first product you created?

Kelli: Great question. Funny enough the first product I worked on was the one that actually tested my patience and aggravated me the most! Nail Polish is a tricky product. There are dozens of companies now making 5 Free, 7 Free, etc. type polishes which leads consumers to assume it must be a safe product and stop looking further to see what else is really in the polish besides just what it’s free of – when you take out something, you have to replace it with something else. I was determined to offer a water-based polish that also didn’t require the use of polish removers which are also known to contain many harmful chemicals.

Prim & Pure Nail Polish
Prim & Pure Nail Polish in Mermaid Tail

Water based polishes consist of 75% or more of water, and trying to get a water base to act like a paint and form a hard film that’s going to last for a period of time on top of a porous nail surface can be challenging. Hence, not many main stream companies are attempting these formulas because it’s expensive and they don’t perform as long as their conventional counterparts. Nitrocellulose resins are the most commonly used because they are really cheap to formulate with. Prim and Pure polishes are 5 Free and also without nitrocellulose, glycol ethers, biphenyl A, acetates, acetone, alcohol, FD&C colors….. and instead we use a water and fruit and veggie base. They truly are odorless, and if you have a polish that gives off odor – you need to ask yourself what ingredient that might be!

That being said, the manufacturing process for the polishes ended up delaying my launch and frustrated the heck out of me because I was so excited to get going, but I’m so glad I waited because they came out beautiful! I’m excited to offer more colors as the business grows and I can invest in more inventory.

The Greenly Guide: Are there any items that you think Moms would want to borrow from their daughter’s stash of Prim and Pure products?

Kelli: Yes! I’ve had many moms coming back to purchase lip glosses, perfumes and eye shadows for themselves! The lip glosses for sure right now have been a huge hit! The shades are really beautiful and they wear very well while also being very nourishing for your lips! Hard to find many green beauty products under $10 with clean ingredients, but like I said that was one of my goals!

Prim & Pure Lipglosses
photo credit: Prim & Pure

The Greenly Guide: How do you stay motivated as a mom and a business owner?

Kelli: Pure and simple…. Passion! Sure some days are hard, and I get frustrated when my kids are storming through my office while I’m packing orders, but I’ve been getting better about finding the balance that works for all of us as a family. My motivation comes from my kids, my customers, and the constant feedback I get about how much I’ve helped a person or their family get their health back just by creating awareness about our surroundings. When you know you’re making a difference, even just the smallest bit….. that’s all the motivation you need to keep going, no matter how hard it gets or how high that stack of bills grow.

The Greenly Guide: What are your favorite ways to relax after a long day?

Kelli: My guilty pleasure is wine! No shame, it keeps me sane! I find my balance through healthy and clean eating.

The Greenly Guide: I loved reading on your website about your passion for giving back – for every sale made, Prim and Pure donates to various children’s causes – can you talk a little about some of these organizations that you have worked with so far?

Kelli: Right now, I’ve been working with a lot of local events and causes – whether its donating product for various events or raising money for a specific cause or sick child in need. My customer base has been mostly local, but as the brand grows and the business becomes profitable, I am looking forward to working with larger organizations and programs to make an even bigger impact while also continuing to support my local community as well.

Prim & Pure Eye Shadows
Prim & Pure Cream Eye Shadow in Icy

The Greenly Guide: What has been the best part about your journey to open Prim and Pure? What has been the hardest?

Kelli: The best part is making a difference and seeing the delight on all the kids faces playing with and enjoying my products. When customers send me their photos of their little ones, my heart melts inside each time – seeing all the fun they are having and also knowing they aren’t burdening their bodies with harmful chemicals.

The hardest has definitely been the back end…. as with any entrepreneur the ideas come easy for me, but the expense and execution have proven challenging. My husband sold something very important to him to raise enough funds for me to purchase my first batch of inventory to get launched, and it was scary for me to take that risk and leap. I hope to pay him back one day…… I have the passion to succeed so I will keep grinding!

The Greenly Guide: Can you share with us any exciting future plans for your brand?

Kelli: I have so many great ideas, I just need to continue to grow the brand so that I can continue to execute future lines and products. The process to just get one product ready from start the finish is a lot more challenging than it seems. Prim and Pure was never intended to be a line just for girls or moms….. but that was what I launched with. I have plans to create fun products for boys as well! Stay tuned and follow us for future exciting updates!

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Prim & Pure Box

We are very excited to give you an opportunity to try some of these wonderful and safe products! The Greenly Guide has partnered with Kelli and Prim & Pure to offer one of you the opportunity to win a Gift Set of your choice for a special kiddo in your life!  These gift sets are the perfect birthday gift or party favor, and include a lip gloss, eye shadow, nail polish, body glitter and perfume roller!

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