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To say that I have been happy with Cocokind Skincare is quite an understatement.  This is a brand that I have had on my list to try for more than a year, but I just never got around to it until this Spring.  Once I finally tried it, I kept asking myself ‘WHY!?’ – Why did you take so long to decide to try these products?!

I have several items under my belt that I have tested, and more in the works, but what I will say of them is that they are made with simple, high quality, mostly organic ingredients (many are USDA Certified Organic) and are at a very affordable price point.

In the world of natural and organic skincare, I think we are somewhat trained to believe that typically, the higher the price, the better quality the ingredients. (which is certainly sometimes the case!)  Cocokind is smashing this logic, because they have created thoughtful formulas with natural and organic ingredients, making green skincare more accessible to many.

The product I am focused on today is their Turmeric Spot Treatment.  I purchased this after hearing about and reading that it is said to help in fading hyper-pigmentation and acne scars.  I have skin that is very prone to scarring, and once I have a blemish, the mark remains on my skin for months after it has healed.  I also have skin that is prone to redness, so I wanted to see how this product would help my acne scarring and inflammation.  Below I will cover how I applied the product, what results I saw from it and my final thoughts!  Please read on to hear more about the Turmeric Spot Treatment Stick.  If you prefer to see the product in action, head over to my YouTube video HERE as well.

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The Details

Product Name: Turmeric Spot Treatment

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic turmeric, organic ginger root, organic tea tree oil *This product is USDA Certified Organic

Product Description: The turmeric spot treatment helps tackle signs of inflammation and the appearance of dark spots.  Packed with turmeric, ginger, and tea tree oil, this organic treatment wards off clogged pores and helps to visibly brighten complexion. [description taken from the Cocokind Skincare website]

Cost: $9


Before I started testing this product, I reached out to the brand and asked them how long before I would see results from using this product, so that I could make sure I gave it an adequate amount of time to work.  I was told ‘around a month with regular use‘.

The first thing I wanted to mention, was that I should have, but didn’t, clarify what was meant by regular use.  While I did use this product for just over one month, I used it on my own ‘regular’ schedule which was 2-3 times per week.  I want to point this out because this mask can be used as often as you like, meaning every day if you choose.  So, if that is what is meant by regular use, I probably didn’t receive the full benefits of the product.  BUT, let’s talk about how I did use it and the results I did see.

For my first week of use, I did use the product every single night for anywhere between 20-60 minutes.  I decided I would give my skin a little boot camp and really tried to boost the results.  After that week, as I mentioned above, I used the treatment 2-3 times per week for the same 20-60 minutes.

Applying Turmeric Spot Treatment

I applied the product direct from the stick onto my clean, dry skin.  I used it over the majority of my cheek area where I have a good amount of acne scarring as well as on my neck, where some really rough postpartum neck breakouts are still trying to heal.

The product is very simple. only containing sunflower oil, beeswax and some essential oils, so it doesn’t dry down on the skin, and I actually found it to leave my face feeling very hydrated post treatment.  After leaving the product on for the amount of time I had chosen, I used a cotton pad sprayed with their Rosewater Facial Toner to remove it.  I found it to remove fairly easily, but the longer I left it on, the more I had to work at removing it.  I would typically follow up with a cleanser to ensure all of the product was removed.


Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment before & after results

I wish I could say that this treatment faded all of my post acne scarring, but that just wasn’t the case – it’s definitely not a miracle worker.  However, I did notice a slight reduction in the appearance of some of my more recent hyper-pigmentation, as well as just a general overall brightening of the skin.  As you can see from my before and after photos, (which were taken in natural light with NO filters) in the first set of photos on the left, the scar on my neck, just under my ear is reduced pretty significantly.  In the set of photos on the right, you can see the spot near my temple is nearly gone and the spots on my cheek have brightened slightly.  Like I said, not a huge difference, especially in photos, BUT, I noticed a difference in the overall brightness of my skin and some of the recent acne marks.

Final Thoughts

My biggest takeaway with this product is that you shouldn’t expect overnight results.  The product takes time to make a difference and with regular use, you should see an improvement in the brightness of your skin as well as any hyper-pigmentation.  I will say that with active acne, this treatment did help to reduce inflammation quickly and heal the blemish easier than if I did no treatments at all.  In using this for active acne, I also saw a reduction in the formation of a post acne scar in most cases, which I thought was a success!  Overall, it’s a nice acne treatment and can be used to slowly fade acne marks over time with extended use.  I recommend giving this a try if you are looking for an affordable organic spot treatment option.

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you found this review helpful if you have been considering trying the Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment.  If you have used this, I’d love to know what kind of results you had – please let me know in the comments below!

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