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There are so many amazing things happening in the green community all the time it is easy to miss a great article!  So, each month, we round up our favorites to share with you.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!


{October 2016 Edition} In case you missed it…


1.When a professional makeup artist in the green beauty community releases her top picks from the last six years, you listen!

2. What you need to know about synthetic vs. organic scents when choosing your next fragrance.

3. Can your tap water be the cause of your skin issues? Read HERE how the water you use can trigger skin conditions.

4. What toxins might be lurking in your mattress?! Hear the truth about your mattress and how to find safer alternatives.

5. Have you made any changes to your skincare this season?  Learn 7 skincare routine changes for Fall

6. Siam Seas is everywhere lately and The Peridot is uncovering the woman behind the brand.

7. A wellness guide to your 20’s and beyond

8. The Ugly .01% Skincare Secret – what the experts don’t want you to know!

9. A list of the Dirty Dozen ingredients to avoid in cosmetics – a very useful resource to bookmark!

10. A great read: How to avoid hormone harming endocrine disruptors


Happy November!!


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